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Health and Wellness Seminars - Workshops


Trained chef turned passionate speaker, Deb Bixler presents health and wellness seminars and a wide variety of healthy programs in the areas of diet, healthy living, and increasing your metabolism.

From cooking classes to team-building to wellness programs, Deb customizes topics to be specific for your group.

Health And Wellness In The Work Place

The gift of health is the best gift you can give your employees.

Health and wellness activities should be included in all corporate programs. Even a marketing or sales conference can include healthy living programs that promote higher sales and increase employee productivity.

Whether you need a complete conference or a short workshop the dynamic Deb Bixler will give your employees the program, wellness activities or seminars that they deserve.

These are not your everyday boring healthy living talks!


Healthy Cooking Classes - Education For All Ages


Deb Bixler is an advocate of the natural approach to health and wellness. Her educational programs and seminars are for all ages.

  • School programs that are appropriate for K-12
  • Weight loss programs for clubs and corporations<
  • Workshops on food choices, increasing energy
  • Series events
  • Fun, Fast, Healthy Cooking can be presented to all age groups.
  • Put your group on TV with special programming
  • Customize a program for your group

Deb offers a myriad of healthy living and wellness programs and can customize a program specific to your group's needs.


$1.5 trillion of the United States economy is spent on the healthcare industry. Economist Paul Zane Pilzer calls it the "Sickness Industry." Deb Bixler says, "Put your money into your health (natural foods) or put your money into your medicines." The best solution to the healthcare crisis is for the government to invest in the health and wellness industry. When the food industry goes back to the healthy way of food manufacturing by eliminating chemicals and hidden sugars, the health care crisis will improve.

Corporate Health And Wellness

 When a company's wellness and health policies reflect a corporate commitment to wellness, it pays off in the bottom line. The Purple Pineapple corporate health and wellness team-building program provides sales teams with team building, sales techniques, and health and wellness education all at the same time. Fun, interactive and exciting sales and wellness education combined.




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